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How Are The Rose Petal Beads Made?
The rose beads are made by using an all-natural fermentation process. After the roses have fermented they are transformed into a soft, black, clay-like substance, measured individually for uniform size and hand rolled into beads. The finished beads are very durable and should last a lifetime.
What If I Do Not Have Enough Roses?
If you do not have enough roses to fill your order we can add roses for at no extra charge.
What Color Are The Rose Petal Beads?
During the fermenting process the roses will turn black and therefore no matter what color the rose is,
the bead will be black.
Will The Roses Retain Their Scent?
During the fermentation process the roses lose all of their natural scent. After we complete the product we mist it with rose oil to give it the fragrance of a natural rose.
How Are The Flower Petal Beads Made?
Our flower petal beads are made from dried flowers. They are processed into a fine powder and incorporated with a colored binding agent. If the flowers are sent fresh, we will dry them to complete the process.
Are The Flower Petal Beads The Same Color As The Flowers?
The binding agent determines the color, therefore the beads can be made into the color of your choice.
How Many Colors Are Available For Flower Petal Beads?
We have 5 color options: Red, Lilac, Green, Pink, and Yellow. Custom colors are available upon request for a 10% upcharge.
Are The Flower Petal Beads Capped?
Yes, all of the flower petal beads are capped with a partial two piece filigree cap that exposes the beautiful color of the bead. Full caps and uncapped are not options
How Many Flowers Are Needed To Create Keepsakes?
Each flower will yield an average of 50 beads.
What Type Of Flower Can Be Used To Make Beads?
Any type of flower can be used, including roses as well as any green foliage.
Can The Flower Petal Beads Get Wet?
Yes, due to the binding agent that is incorporated, the flower petal beads can get wet.
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